How can I disable the constraints in AIMMS?

  • 20 May 2019
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1- I will try different constraints for my model. For example, I want to disable all constraints and show the results.
I tried to created parameters as a below;
parameter: IsDisable , range=integer
Constraint: MyConstraint , index: (i,j) | not IsDisable

But in index section in MyConstraint: " t | t>=2 "
I could not add the " | not IsDisable "

2- Also How can I write the solution to excel?

Could you please help me?

Best Regards.

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Hello @inci ,

You can write the index domain of MyConstraint as below.

t | t>=2 and (not IsDisable)

This constraint will be valid only when IsDisable = 0

This link is a very helpful resource for exchanging data with Excel files.

You will be using axll::WriteTable or axll::WriteCompositeTable depending on what format you want your Excel data to be in. Review the article and let us know if you need more specific help


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