How can I get more than a handful of buttons across a group?

  • 7 June 2019
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I'm liking the group widget in WebUI, but I'd sure like to put more than a few buttons across it.

I want to have a row of buttons all the way across the top of the page, and the only way I can get the buttons to not be 2 columns wide each is to use a group.

But the group cuts off any buttons that exceed about 4 columns wide!

How can I get either more buttons in a group all in a row or smaller buttons that I can place individually?


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Hi @MathFour ,

There is no other way at this point then they way you are describing. However, I am curious to learn more about your App purpose as in our UX vision we believe the use of buttons should be limited. So I wonder, what do you like to achieve with the buttons?

If for actions, we have developed Page Actions and Widgets Actions to have actions placed in a more appealing and UX friendly way. Either in right bottom of the page (Page Actions), or on the top bar of a widget (Widget Actions).

If for moving from page to page, we are developing the workflow menu (see New Features Area).

However, by understanding your needs, we could likely help you better. Is there a way you can share some more - we can also do that 1-1 in a webmeeting.
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Can you provide a link to the workflow information. When I search, I only get AIMMS Pro stuff.

And yes, perhaps the way to go is the menu.

However, it IS a little annoying that you can't make ANYTHING only one column wide. Any chance y'all will change that? At least we can have smaller buttons when we really want them.

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Hi @MathFour

I think this is the post Gertjan referenced: Workflow Menu
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So currently, @Jess Es, it is not available?
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Hi @MathFour , no it's not available yet, still in development. So input about your needs for such a feature is very welcome at this point! Feel free to add feedback to the thread there Workflow Menu
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It seems the glitch that forced the wrap of buttons too soon got fixed. Thanks, y'all!

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