How to Connect AIMMS with R

  • 21 December 2020
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How to Connect AIMMS with R
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Note: With the rebuild of our HTTP Client Library to interact with external services that support REST API calls and the new Data Exchange Library, we have decided to deprecate R on the AIMMS Cloud and the R-Link. Read more.

Earlier this year, we released a collection of resources that enable you to integrate AIMMS with scripting languages like Python and R. In our latest How-To, we illustrate how you can extend an AIMMS app with an R model that generates a Sankey diagram using the networkd3 package. The R model is exposed as a REST API using the Plumber package

As the example shows, besides running machine learning models, data processing and transformations, R and Python can also be used to generate visualizations for your AIMMS WebUI application. In this case, the R model generates a visualization from input data provided by AIMMS.  

We also show how to use the iFrame widget (experimental) in AIMMS to display an interactive Sankey visualization, as the networkd3 package creates HTML files natively.  

Read the How-To 

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