How to connect AIMMS with SCIP Solver

  • 19 October 2021
  • 2 replies

There is a solver Solving Constraint Integer Programs (SCIP).


How to connect it to AIMMS?

I’m trying to add libscip.dll via Solver Configuration, but recieve an error.



2 replies

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Hi @bacherikov_iv , There exists no interface between AIMMS and SCIP, and therefore you cannot use SCIP in AIMMS. Adding a SCIP dll in the solver configuration will not work.

Connecting SCIP to AIMMS would require building an interface using the AIMMS Open Solver Interface, which is a lot of work. At AIMMS we currently have no plans for building a link to SCIP.

As a workaround you can just write your instances out in one of the many format that can be read by SCIP, such as .lp or .mps.


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