How to Convert a GAMS Model to an AIMMS Model

  • 28 September 2019
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How to Convert a GAMS Model to an AIMMS Model
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Got a GAMS model that you want to turn into an AIMMS model? Don’t start from’s not really that hard to convert!

You can follow this procedure to convert a GAMS file to an AIMMS project:
1. Download AIMMS 3.14 and convert the .gms file to a .aim file.
2. Download current AIMMS version and convert the old AIMMS project to a modern one using .ams file.
3. Open the newly converted project in current version of AIMMS.


These steps are discussed in further detail below.




And, of course, if you need any help please leave us a comment or contact support!



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