How to "save as" or duplicate the entire project with a new name?

  • 18 October 2020
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It is probably very simple, but i cannot figure it out and i need to get it done asap. Really appreciate any help!

I have created a project that runs and gives me solutions. Now, i need to create another version of my model with major changes, but to make it faster i would like to “save as” the entire current project and then start making my changes. the “save as” menu only makes another copy of .ams file within the current project, but doesn't make an entire new project. i also tried to export a section, but the “Export” menu is not active.could anyone advise on how?


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I think the easiest to duplicate a project is to copy the folder containing your project using the windows file explorer. These copies will be independent of each other.

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My advise would be to not start bothering with making copies of project directories, but start the healthy habit of doing any development work you do using a version control system such as git (see also

You can then make your major changes on a separate branch. If you're happy with your changes you will be able to easily merge them back in the master branch, even if you made changes to your master branch in between.

Additionally, if your changes are really major, committing often and early will allow you to revert some of these changes if you change your mind about them during the process. This will be nearly impossible if a number of changes are compounded into a big single change, and you've lost sight of why you actually made which changes. 



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