Linear program getting converted into Non-linear when using max function in variable

  • 23 November 2021
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I am facing an issue with my model. I have a variable


and I am defining another variable

B(index2,index3,index4) as max(index1, A(index1,index2,index3,index4))

However, while running the model, it gives an error that the the model become non linear. Is there a way to work around this?



Vishwesh Patil

3 replies

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Hi @vishweshpatil,

could you not add a new constraint ensure_B_larger_than_A  with index domain (index1, index2, index3, index4) and as definition

B(index2, index3, index4) >= A(index1, index2, index3, index4)

Assuming that the goal for the model is to drive the value of B down, this would ensure that B will always be greater or equal than the largest value of A.

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Hi @vishweshpatil , and if the model does not have the intention to make B as low as possible then you can use reformulation 2.3 from this document.

Hi @vishweshpatil


Did @gdiepen ‘s answer help you with your question?




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