Memory allocation errors: how can I solve this?

  • 16 July 2019
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In the attached model, you should only run the procedure ReadFromExcel. This should load all the relevant sets and parameters.

When I try to solve this model, I encounter different memory errors. I either see:

  • Memory allocation error
  • Memory allocation error: while assigning "xxx" bytes
Are there any steps that I could take with regards to the index domain of some parameters, constraints or variables, such that this model becomes solvable? I think there are no other errors in my model, but would also like to double check this.

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2 replies

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Hi, @KoenV .

For instance, you are creating the variable "Production Allocation" for every f,p and t. Maybe you could control it by using the parameter ProductionCapability, i.e, you will only allocate memory for every (p,f) where f has capability of doing p.

Hope it helps.
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Hi @KoenV would you mind to let us know how it worked out? Thanks!


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