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  • 24 June 2019
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When I run AIMMS, I’ve got this result in the progress window as shown in the picture attached, I wish to know what they are mean and how they work. Can anyone explain it to me?
1. infeasible
2. integer infeasible
3. intermediate infeasible
4. terminated by the solver
5. solution does not exist
6. solver not called
7. left
8. nodes
9. thread
10. nonzeroes
11. variables

Thank you in advance.


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@Zahidah Mohd Zaulir

You can find the explanations for nodes, threads, nonzeroes, variables in the Help documentation. Click on the question mark in AIMMS and search for Progress Window.

The remaining items on your list is the description of different solution status returned by CPLEX or any other solver. The below link is a good starting resource.

Let us know if you have any further questions.


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