Multi-Objective using CPLEX 12.8

  • 23 October 2019
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I am working on 2 multi-objective problem with two objective functions (one is to maximize the lecturers’ preference and the other is to maximize students’ preference). I have many constraints and only one decision variable (for the first problem) while many decision variables for the second problem.

The tutorial that AIMMS provided is for CPLEX 12.9. Can it still be used for CPLEX 12.8? If not, is there any tutorial that can be used for CPLEX 12.8?

Thank you in advance. 


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3 replies

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Hi@Zahidah Mohd Zaulir!

If I recall correctly, the multiple objective feature was released with CPLEX 12.9, therefore cannot be used with CPLEX 12.8.

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@Zahidah Mohd Zaulir , @mateusarakawa  is correct. Cplex’s multi objective feature is released in 12.9, for which you need to use AIMMS version 4.65.1 or above. 


Your academic license will let you all the versions. 


If you want to use CPLEX 12.8 for multi objective optimization, then you have to model it yourself using the different techniques available (a penalty based approach to build one final objective, solve the first problem, fix solution and then solve the second problem and so on). You cannot use the gmp::column::Setasmultiobjective function. 

Hi @mateusarakawa ,@mohansx ,


Thank you for the information.


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