"Multiple" for OpenAPI API's

  • 12 December 2022
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In the previous how-to, making a single REST API call is illustrated.

In this how-to, "single” is replaced by "multiple” in various ways:

  1. A single service can be provided by different servers. For instance from different regions.  Each server has its own service URL.
  2. A single service URL, can provide multiple methods. For instance, a method to find the geolocation (lat, lon) for an address, and another one, given a geolocation, finding an address.
  3. A single request can have multiple answers.  For instance, try searching for “Market square”.
  4. A single method can be queried multiple times.  For instance, searching the geolocations for multiple addresses.
  5. An organization may offer multiple pricing plans, each one with its own limit on the number of queries per time period. Often this starts with a free of charge plan, whereby only a few queries per time period are allowed. 


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