Power Systems Planning - Methods and Applications

  • 26 July 2021
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Power Systems Planning - Methods and Applications
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Recently, we started a great collaboration with  Dr. Bezhad KazemtabriziDr. Mahmoud Shahbazi and Dr. Abraham Alvarez-Bustos from Durham University (UK) to build a few tutorials on power systems modeling. This resulted in a first release that we are happy to share today: The OPF (Optimal Power Flow) optimization model. Read more about this example here.

In power systems, 2 major optimization problems are used. The Optimal Power flow problem, which concerns with finding an optimum generation schedule of already committed generators in the system, and the unit commitment (UC) problem which concerns with finding which generators should be committed at each moment in time to ensure system operational security.

This first OPF example will be followed shortly by a UC tutorial. Subscribe to this post to get notified when UC is live.

We are happy to get your feedback in the comments !

A big thanks to Durham University for their contribution to the community :thumbsup:

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