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I was using the GeoFindCoordinates function in AIMMS to map a given city name to a lat/lon combination and received an error message all of the time. Then I remembered I was on VPN and maybe there was an issue with the connectivity, so I disabled my VPN connection and tried again and the GeoFindCoordinates was able to execute without a problem.

Whenever I am connected to the VPN connection at work, all my outgoing connections must go via a proxy server. Almost all programs I am working use the standard http_proxy and https_proxy environment varaibles, but it looks like GeoFindCoordinates is not doing this.

I know there was a possibility to provide proxy settings for activating a license, but I can’t seem to trigger that option (as this seems to use my IE proxy settings).

Is there any other way that I can set the proxy settings for this function? Also, could there be a potential for any other functions (like calling webservices, etc) that make outside HTTP(S) connections that they do not use the http_proxy/https_proxy environment variables?




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Hi @gdiepen

We're going to deprecate that function, and you shouldn't be using it any longer. Nowadays there are tons of commercial geo services that you can call via the HTTP client, that can be used in deployed applications instead of just from within the IDE (it's a .net component), that have a license that actual allows the use of such services on something else than a fair-use basis, and that give good results. For SC Navigator we're using a service called locationiq for geocoding.

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Thanks @MarcelRoelofs,

I just used the function during a demo to show how you can easily link AIMMS to something like this also with 0 effort :grinning:  Will take a look at the generic web HTTP library.

Took a look at the documentation (, but could not find any information about proxies in this. Is there support for the standard http_proxy, https_proxy, and no_proxy environment variables in this library, or would you need to set this up for each separate request?


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