Read and Write CSV Files

  • 28 March 2019
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CSV files are a de facto standard for communication of data. AIMMS provides the libraries
for the serializing of CSV files.

In this article an example is provided for reading data from a CSV file.

4 replies

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Hi Erika

Can I suggest to start using the new Data Exchange Library. This library offers a much more flexible and generic way of communicated data files. We are expecting it to become the standard going forward. 



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I downloaded the example project and modified the komma\fourrows.csv demand in second line from 1000 to 1000.10 and when I run the procedure, it rounds the value when import it to AIMMS.

What I have to do to get it into AIMMS as 1000.10 ?

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@MathFour , does your CSV file have headers ? Then just do not refer to the header of the first column in your data map.
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It seems that you have to have a clean csv to use this. Is it possible to import a csv where the first "column" isn't used in the model?

For example, if I export a python/pandas dataframe as a csv, it has the index in the first column. How do I "skip" over this while reading it into AIMMS?

And, yes, I can turn it off in python, but I need it there for other things.


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