Reading a column from .csv file having data with standard JSON quotes

  • 25 June 2019
  • 3 replies

Hi everyone,

I was trying to read a column from .csv file which contains data with standard JSON quotes ("). The CSV reader in AIMMS ignores all the characters after the quotes. Anyone knows a fix?

3 replies

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Hi @pai.b.pradeep , it's a limitation of the CSV provider at the moment. A quick workaround would be to turn your file into an Excel file, and use the AIMMSXLLibrary.

We will consider a fix and get back to you soon ! Thanks for reporting !
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@pai.b.pradeep This is a feature not currently being considered unfortunately, but keep an eye on Roadmap section for updates. Thanks again for sharing.
@Arthur Thanks for the update. Will look forward to updates in the Road map section.


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