Substitute for "sumproduct" Function in Excel

  • 16 March 2022
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Hey Guys,

I have a small problem by modeling my MILP.

I created a Matrix do define some Binary Variables. Now I want to create a constraint, which contains a multiplication between the Matrix of the Variables an a Matrix with some parameters. The result should be a scalar value comparable to the sumproduct-function in Excel. I want to do a multiplication between the matrices an the result should be a scalar?

Hopefully there is a simple function in Aimms to solve my problem.

I am thankful for every help!

Best regards



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2 replies

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If the variables and the parameters share the same indices, this could be done with 


sum( (indexOne, indexTwo), yourParameter(indexOne, indexTwo) * BinaryVariable(indexOne, indexTwo))


If this is not what you mean, then please clarify a bit what you want to achieve


Thank you really much. I had a small mistake in the indices, which caused some problems in my Model.

Thanks a lot!


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