A DataChangeMonitor with ID DataChangeMonitor001 does not exist.

  • 10 June 2021
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I encountered this error when running the model. The model is fine, since it works with another set of input data. But with this particular data set, it gets stuck in the Presolving phase, and returns nothing. After force exciting the model, This is the message that it shows in the .err file. Have the same issue when running on the cloud as well.


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Hello @mohammadansari 


The ``DataChangeMonitor...`` message is not related to your model being stuck in presolving. It pops up sometimes when you force interrupt a running procedure. It will go away if you recompile your project (F5). 


Something in this current data set is making your model difficult to solve. Can you generate the solver log file for the run and share with us, either here or send it to our support email ?


Thanks @mohansx . You are right. The problem was caused by infeasibility of a constraint. Although I do not know why the model does not return infeasible and stop the presolve, after solving the cause of infeasibility, the model seems to be running fine. 


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