calendar subset writing to file with dex

  • 31 January 2024
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Hi All,

I’m trying to write a parameter with dex using dex::WriteToFile() procedure. The parameter has an index year that is a subset of the calendar year. (simple calendar with unit year). 

The excel download won’t fill the year column (see screenshot below). I have the latest .dex library 


Could anyone explain what went wrong here?


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2 replies

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Hi Marc,


Thanks for sharing this observation!


I tried out what you describe and I ran into the same problem as you. It does work fine if you use the year calendar directly (as opposed to using the subset of it), I found.


I will file a ticket in our internal system to have this investigated.


(For those interested, I attached my small example project).


Kind regards,


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This was a regression caused by recent conflicted merges because of the upgrade of our build system for AIMMS 24. It is fixed in DEX


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