Calling AIMMS from Python

  • 7 October 2019
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Dear Community,

I plan to work from the Python workbench to call AIMMS to execute the optimization for my research project.

I have some questions about linking AIMMS to Python:

1) How do I execute the AIMMS file by calling it from Python?
2) Will the results be written back to Python? Or, how can I export the results to the Python workbench?

Thanks in advance, I look forward to executing my research with AIMMS...

Best regards,

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3 replies

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Hi @Curious AIMMS-bot ,

We recommend you to use the AIMMS command line options to do so, as explained in the following PDF:

And in the following How-To:

To exchange data, you may choose between the following 3 options:

- a database, like SQLite as explained in the following document:

- Excel through the AIMMSXLLibrary as explained in the following document:

- or a text file in AIMMS data format as explained in the following PDF.

Hope it helps !

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To make this a bit more concrete, you can use the following Python code for that:



Hi Mischa and Arthur,

If I understand it correctly, this will initiate a hidden aimms session to run through the MainInitialization to MainTermination procedures, or user specified procedures.

I would like to know how to link aimms as a component in my python application and also how to access the aimms command line tool from a python application.

Thanks in advance,




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