Can we ignore unit conventions in selected identifiers?

  • 8 October 2020
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I find that unit conventions are an effective way to display data in different units. E.g. capacity in #items/day, with accompanying cost €/day, are relevant numbers for location specific KPIs. On a higher level, we can change convention to e.g. #mio Items/year, or mio€/year.

However, I don't want to apply the selected convention on all my model identifiers. E.g expressing cost per item as €/item, and not as mio€/mio Item when the yearly convention would be selected.

Is there a way to override the conventions in model identifiers, and thus explicitly define what uom to always display?



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Hey @Richard , did you try adding the explicit identifier in the convention declaration like below ? 


This will make pUpperlimit always displayed in g, irrespective of which convention is chosen for the model. 


Technically you don’t to specify pUpperLimit in the left declaration as the base unit of pUpperLimit is already [g] and in conv2, we are changing this. So, adding the identifier to override it. 

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Hi @mohansx, thank you. I completely missed this. Glad this is possible!

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Hi @mohansx,

I did find an issue with the explicit identifier you mention. It concerns the WebUI table totals:


I have this one identifier specified as EUR/day, but when selecting my yearly convention, the automatic sum of the Totals tab in the table displays kEUR/year (the units of my yearly convention).

I would ideally see this in the same unit as the identifier it sums.


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