Cannot run 4.37 version project in 4.77 or beyond

  • 27 March 2024
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I am trying to open a project that was originally written in version 4.37. However I have a Community License so the earliest version I can use is 4.77. I have tried opening this project in both 4.77 and 24.2 and both will crash upon opening the project with no error message.

I understand the large difference in versions may be causing an issue but I have no way to test on earlier versions. Is there any way I can identify what exactly is causing this issue and could it be something other than a version issue?


Best answer by Marcel Hunting 27 March 2024, 17:43

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2 replies

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Hi @JoeSkellern. If you can add your project here, preferably after adding it to a zip file, then we can try to convert it to the latest AIMMS version. If your project contains sensitive information then you can send it to our support by email.

Hi @Marcel Hunting, thank you for responding. I will send to your support team.


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