Check if an element parameter has a value

  • 4 August 2022
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Hello everyone, 


I have an Element Parameter PredecessorOperations(i_operation) that holds the value of the operation that has to be executed before i_operation. With the following statement i want to check if the EP has a value or not: 


if (val(PredeccesorOperation(i_operation)) = 0) then




However this only works if all values of the Ep are empty. If any operation gets assigned a predeccesor (e.g. Operation1) then i get the error: Cannot compute the value of string “Operation1”. 

If I would casually formulate the code it would look like this:


if( PredeccesorOperation(i_operation) is empty ) then 



So my question is: What operator do I need to use in order to check if the parameter has any value or no value assigned?


I am thankful for any advice you might have.


With kind regards




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Hi Andrew,

You can check whether predecessorOperation(i_operation) is empty by checking against the empty element '':


if predecessorOperation(i_operation) = '' then


endif ;


Hope this helps,




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