Create an executable file for WinUI AIMMS project deployment

  • 14 August 2020
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Hello, everyone.

I have been working to develop a WinUI for an AIMMS project. The UI development is almost over and I am trying to create an executable file (or anything equivalent in AIMMS) for the project so that any user can only access the user interface (without seeing the source code) and run the project. 

Could anyone please guide me to any resources that explains how to create such executable files?  Thanks.


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Hi @Suj8epri ,

What you are asking for us not possible as such; we do not offer a way to create an executable for distribution. If another user want to use your project you can do the following:

  1. If the other user is a developer, just provide them a copy of your project folder. This person can then run the project. There are project options to e.g. define to open a page upon startup, or a case upon startup. In this case, the user can still access the complete project code; but it starts with the UI you created. 
  2. if you want to deploy to end-users, you would need create an end-user package of your project. This encrypts the project and can be published on the deployment software AIMMS PRO (we offer this on-Premise and in the AIMMS Cloud); end users can then only use it via the UI - they can open the App simply via a browser (no need for local software installation). Please know that AIMMS PRO requires a separate license and is offered to companies that want to deploy AIMMS Apps throughout the organization.

Hope this info helps.



Hi, @Gertjan.

Thanks for the answer. 




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