Demo impressions 13/5/2022

Demo impressions 13/5/2022
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Really excited about this last demo.

Please remember, this is a peek into our internal demo's, items can change, be update, removed as they move forward.

  1. Parallel solving
    We had a nice presentation from @Chris Kuip on parallel solving. A combination of several technics: creating job's on cloud, using multithreads, asynchronous solving, updating of matrixes. 
    Will be very useful for case in which you require hundreds, if not thousands, of solves for you problem. Even better if the differences between the solves are very small in the data from one solve to the other.
    You can expect a how-to and project/library soon with this information.
  2. Debugging on error
    Very nice addition to our debugging functionality. With this new option (still unreleased!), you will be able to start debugging as soon as an error is raised in AIMMS.
  3. Excel Tabular data
    A great step forward on our WebUI tabular data capabilities within AIMMS. This is still a feature spike (interpret as: very initial phases, could potentially change drastically or even be discarded! and not released!). From our table widget in WebUI, we can generate an excel with all the data, you can change the data in Excel, save, and then upload the data back.
    Very useful for updating a large amount of data or using a lot of functionality from Excel to change information.
    Very useful!

Hope you enjoyed it!

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