Demo impressions for 21/01/2022

  • 21 January 2022
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Demo impressions for 21/01/2022
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Today I participated in an internal demo to showcase some new internal developments. I want to share with the community my impressions:

  1. We have continued to evolve our OAuth capabilities on PRO/CLOUD with DEX and OpenAPI​. If this is something you need, see that it was part of our release notes: DEX - Release notes

  2. Another very nice development that will help our team to replicate our Linux build agents we have a Dockerized Linux Environment​. Much easier and guaranteed.​ (PD&I team was happy!)

  3. If your thing is automation, you will be happy to know that we have been working on allowing the Linux environment to build the .aimmspack for a project. This will be available in the AIMMS Command Line Tool

  4. WebUI showed off some quality of life improvements for widget wizards. Even more exciting  were the new features with the Combination Chart Widget that will be accessible in the experimental features. Bar chart, legends, zoom,… so many things!

  5. Our newest colleague (Vlad) also demonstrated a PoC for publishing an AIMMS project via an API (openAPI). An inspired first step for us to fully feature this in the future. 

  6. We were also updated on the status of our migration to Azure​. Check out some of the information in the link.

Was this useful :thumbsup:  :thumbsdown:? Do you like any of the above news? Let me know!

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