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  • 19 September 2022
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Hello AIMMS Community!

I’m looking to understand if it’s possible for AIMMS Data Exchange Library to read an excel file that is structured something like this (modified from the sample on the DEL documentation for EXCEL):

In this structure, we have an excel sheet called “Table1”. The table on this sheet has two columns that map to an index (set1 [i], set2 [j]), two parameters that are defined over these indices (d1, d2, d3) and a child table that uses the two defined indices and a third index for time that maps to a parameter p_test(i,j,k) . Where k is defined by set in columns (Time-1, time-2, time-3). 

I’ve been able to successfully read d1 and d2, but I’m having trouble understanding if it’s possible to read a third index in the column.  The current documentation does not describe this

The motivation for using DEX in this case is that we have have existing XML files that read the same data from JSON (output from database calls). We’d like to leverage these XML files to create excel mapping for DEX by adapting the JSON xml files. These excel reads have purpose in the case that the database is not accessible and the user is working from a saved local file. 



This is what XML file looks like so far… the “iterative-binds-to” did not work to read in the p_test variable.


    <SheetMapping name="Table1">

        <RowMapping name="1">

            <ColumnMapping name="set1" binds-to="i"/>

            <ColumnMapping name="set2" binds-to="j"/>

            <ColumnMapping name="d1" maps-to="d1(i,j)"/>

            <ColumnMapping name="d2" maps-to="d2(i,j)"/>

            <!ColumnMapping iterative-binds-to="k" maps-to="p_test(i,j,k)"/>





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Hi Melody,


Can you check whether the name-binds-to attribute helps, which is also illustrated here?

If it doesn't, can you share the mapping file and the sample Excel file?


With kind regards,




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