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  • 5 March 2020
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Hi dear community, I would like to know how AIMMS generates the Display Model. I want to check if AIMMS is reading my model correctly.


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4 replies

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I think there are 2 ways to check if the model is reading correctly:

  1. Export LP file: How to generate LP file
  2. Aimms menu Tools > Diagnostic Tools > Math Program Inspector
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Hi @Silviaareis , what is ‘the Display Model’ you are referring to? What are you concerned about (what do you see happening that makes you ask this question, do you miss something, get infeasible results, no results)? 


There are many things you can do in AIMMS. @mateusarakawa suggestions are helpful. You can also turn on project options such as a listing file with all constraints, variables etc. via AIMMS menu Settings > Project Options (go to Solvers General - Standard Reports, lots of options). Once you turned on some options, go to AIMMS menu File - Open - Listing File.


Maybe this How-to can help too:



Hi Everybody. Thank you for the replies.

I would like to see if I’m writing correctly.

Example: I would like to see: FO = X1+ 3*X2 + 6* X3…….. When in the AIMMS it is written in the form Cost(i)*X(i).

I need to check the model.

@mateusarakawa I did not succeed in these ways

Thank you so much,

Silvia A Reis

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@Silviaareis , Please read 31.5 in

this shows how to list the detailed constraints in a file.


You can also open the Math Program inspector and see all variable and constraint details and select subsets interactively, see which are infeasible, etc. 

Of course it starts with checking the Cost(i) parameter values. In your example case, it should read 1, 3, 6,...

If you are still stuck, best to share your project here so others can have a look and guide you.


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