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  • 14 December 2023
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I have set and values are assigned to set after clicking button on UI. I also want to show what are the values are addi=ed to set on UI. can you please guide what is widget suitable for this purpose.


I tried with table. below is screenshot for same. But it is displaying 1 addition to set values.




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You could create a new parameter    pElementAddedViaUI that is having the set as an index. Whenever you are creating new elements via the UI, you could then set the value for this new element in this parameter to 1 (indicating this element is created via the UI). Elements that are created in another way would not have a value 1 for the pElementAddedViaUI.


You can then use this new parameter in combination with annotations or anything else to color them differently in the UI (or just show the pElementAddedViaUI parameter in the table next to the elements. 


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