Does the new academic license delivery limits the asynchronous solving sessions?

  • 11 June 2021
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Hi AIMMSians,

I used to run the GUROBI solver asynchronously a few months ago. But now I am limited to use only one session each time. I use the academic license and the only change is the new academic license delivery, so I guess that is the reason for the new limitation. 

Can you confirm my guess? if yes, would it be possible to give academics the access for solvingasynchronous sessions in GUROBI and CPLEX?


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3 replies

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Hi @afattahi 

The development team to the rescue again :blush:

The number of options to set properly in our license files is endless, and this one didn't quite work like I thought it would. All solvers now support 32 sessions.


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@mohansx thank you for the explanation. 

Previously I mentioned the need for running two AIMMS sessions and the developer team swiftly responded by adding this capability to the next update.

Here, my question is regarding the Asynchronous solver sessions. I could run asynchronous GUROBI solver sessions before the new academic license delivery. But now I cannot run asynchronous solver sessions with GUROBI or CPLEX. I use the GUROBI academic license, while CPLEX comes for free with AIMMS academic license. Here is what I see in the License configuration window:

GUROBI (link-only)

CPLEX (Full)

Does this mean I cannot solve asynchronous solver sessions? 


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@afattahi there’s a difference between asynchronous solver sessions and running multiple AIMMS sessions. 

The new licensing system does limit you to run two AIMMS sessions (see Running more than one instances of AIMMS at the same time | AIMMS Community), which is opening two separate AIMMS projects at the same time. 

Asynchronous solver sessions are solve jobs started by an AIMMS session, and depends on the number of threads on your computer and your license. You can check the license information in AIMMS via 

Tools → License → License configuration

If the license allows for it, the list of solvers will have the number of sessions in parenthesis beside them, like “solve name (x sessions).

What do you see in your license configuration ?




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