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  • 22 April 2021
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I am trying to solve a large problem in parallel using asynchronous solver sessions. However, I get this error as soon as I start the simulation ‘The number of simultaneous solves by solver 'CPLEX' exceeds the license limit of 1.' I have CPLEX (Full) solver in AIMMS. Is this because I have a personal node locked AIMMS business license? How do I check the number of solver sessions that I can run simultaneously in AIMMS? Is there a way to activate the Parallel CPLEX option? Thanks.


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3 replies

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Dear @Suj8epri 

Just to be clear; you can request an upgrade (for a fee per extra session) of your license by sending an email to


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Hello @Suj8epri , looks like your license does not support multiple solver sessions. 


See Solve in parallel with Asynchronous Solver Sessions — AIMMS How-To


If your license does not show a number like in the below screenshot, then you can only run one session at a time. 




Thanks Mohan for your response.


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