Error when using "DistributionInverseCumulative" for Beta distribution

  • 27 March 2024
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When I use the "DistributionInverseCumulative" function for beta distribution, I get the following error message from Visual C++:


Assertion failed!

Program: ...Aimms\\Bin\libaimms3.dll

File: c:\gitlab-runner\builds\pvap61xc\0\aimms\a...\beta.cpp

Line: 173

Expression: istat==0


In the MainInitialization I implemented the function as follows:

b_p_1 := 6;
b_q_1 := 3;
b_a_1 := 1;
b_b_1 := 5;

for n do
y(n) := DistributionInverseCumulative(Beta(b_p_1,b_q_1,b_a_1,b_b_1), Uniform(0,1))

For other distributions (e.g. normal distribution) the "DistributionInverseCumulative" works without any problems.

I would appreciate any pointers on what I should do so that this function doesn't produce an error message?


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I was able to reproduce the issue in AIMMS version 4.85, but this does not happen for versions 24.2 and 4.97 and 4.88. I cannot try all versions, but please update your AIMMS version to somethin newer, since it has already been fixed.

Thank you


Hello! Thank you very much for the quick reply. You're right, after updating to version the function works without any errors. With best regards!


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