Friday Demo Impressions (20 Jan 2023)

  • 20 January 2023
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Friday Demo Impressions (20 Jan 2023)
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The Friday Demo Recap is back!

Find out what’s cooking in the AIMMS Developer environment, and help us answer a question!

This week we’re serving:

  • Auto syntax correction
  • Easier innovation with AIMMS Web server

Auto syntax correction

Richard gave us a peek at a sweet new syntax linter that gives the option to fix some specific syntax errors (one at a time, or all at once) in your model. Because, you know, old habits die hard, and we don’t always follow the rules...while it’s not a fix-all, it can certainly speed up your modeling and help you learn where are your mistakes.

Easier innovation with AIMMS Web server

Next, Joris and Tygo presented new changes to the AIMMS web server that allow for easier integration between AIMMS and third party web services and REST services. This should open up possibilities for you to mix and match in the future to suit your particular “tapestry of services”. They demonstrated with a new service, configured in about 30 minutes, which allowed them to bring a classic game experience into an AIMMS app :)

Open question to the community

Discussing Richard’s work with errors and warnings brought up the question:

Does the warning "The identifier X is not initialized" help you?

Even AIMMSians admit to being annoyed by these warnings... We’re wondering whether the benefit is worth the inconvenience. What do you think?


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