How to limit the range of an index domain

  • 14 December 2021
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I need to fill the 6*6 matrix as shown in the above.

Here (i,j) is from 0 to 6

So I used below code to achieve the matrix as shown above


Here my question is I am trying to achieve this constraint x(i,j)=1 if either i or j =0 or 6

Is there a better way to use Index domain to achieve that


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2 replies

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You are using everywhere a range check, while you can also do just a comparison, which makes it a bit less complex


So you can achieve the same with:

(i,j) | (ord(i) = 1) or (ord(i) = 7) or (ord(j) = 1) or (ord(i) = 7)


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Forgot to mention, if you replace 7 with card(SetName)  where SetName is the name of the set they belong to, you will make it right away generic for any input.


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