how to read multi-dimensional data from excel

  • 13 April 2021
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I want to read data for a parameter P(x,y) from excel file. The parameter is two dimensional.

And the data lies in one of the sheet(say Demand) of a excel file(say DataFile). 

I have tried ReadList but it is not working as the range of x lies in  A2:A50 and the range of y lies in E2:E50 and data lies in T2:T50.

Help me to read the data with out creating another sheet.



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Hi @roy,

Please check out: 


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Alternatively, use the DataExchange library and bind column A to x, column E to y and map column T to P. I assume the names to bind/map to can be found in header (i.e. row 1) of those columns. 



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Going forward, @MarcelRoelofs’ suggestion is even better as it provides more general way to exchange data; therefore also making it possible to decide to go to other formats later (should this be important).


Might you be interested to learn more, check out this post: 



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