How to reduce model run time for an MIP problem

  • 19 January 2023
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Hi Team,

I am trying to solve a furnace loading problem. There are 60 items to be loaded over the furnaces. The number of furnaces are 32 where 16 of them are identical in nature and other 16 are identical in nature. I have modeled it as MIP problem with objective of capacity maximization in terms of weights. Model is giving correct answer but I am facing run time issues, due to the exponential complexity model is taking longer time to solve (almost more than 1 hour). 

Note that I have created virtual location inside the furnaces due to other constraints and I am also using some constraints to break the symmetry part. 

One way to reduce run time is to run it through loop but I do not want to use the loop. Is there any alternative way I can handle.  


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1 reply

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Hi @RwitamJ. Some tips:

In my experience the best way to improve the performance is by improving the model formulation. We can only help you with that if you share your project.


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