How to report an AIMMS error

  • 23 April 2021
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How to report an AIMMS error
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We try to make AIMMS as easy to use as possible, but there are times when you’ll run into errors with your model. Here are some tips to report and troubleshoot an error. 

If you post an error in our community, follow these best practices to get help as swiftly as possible:

  1. Indicate your AIMMS version and provide as much context as possible. 
  2. Share your AIMMS project following these steps, so we can reproduce the issue. 
  3. Include the reproduction steps in your error report. For example:
    1. Open the attached model
    2. Run procedure Proc_MyProcedure
    3. You should see an error The scope of index "i" has not been specified.
  4. Include screenshots in your post.

Try searching the community to see if someone else has encountered this error as well. You may find the solution you’re looking for. 

Thank you for your report! It helps us all :wink:



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