How to retrieve MIP Optimality Gap an Solving Time into a Parameter

  • 4 January 2020
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Dear All,

Is possible to retrieve MIP optimalilty gap and Solving Time for each solve in to a parameter?

If so, how to do this?

Thank you very much.


Best answer by deannezhang 5 January 2020, 01:03

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4 replies

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You can use the “Incumbent” and “Incumbent” suffix to retrieve the best known solution and the  LP bound, then use them to calculate the GAP and assign it to a parameter.

MpGap :=(abs(MathProgram.Incumbent - MathProgram.bestbound)/$abs(MathProgram.Incumbent)) * 100;


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Hello @deannezhang,

Thank you for the method to calculate the gap. For solving time, is there a way to retrieve it?

Thank you.

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Yes, you can use the “SolutionTime” suffix. For other suffix and callback functions, you can refer to the AIMMS Language reference, part “Suffices and Callbacks”.

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Hi @deannezhang,

Thanks a lot….


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