How to solve Warning_duplicate_row?

  • 14 November 2019
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 During my usage of AIMMS, I came up with some problems about 'duplicate_column_row_warnings'. I want to know how to solve the following questions:

(1)Warning: The rows "MaxPump(PSHU-2Pump,01,Unit-1)" and "MinPump(PSHU-2Pump,01,Unit-1)" are equal in the generated mathematical program "LeastTotalcost".  For information regarding potential causes and consequences, see the help associated with the option "Warning_duplicate_row".

I wonder what does this mean?

(2)where can I find the help associated with the option "Warning_duplicate_row"?



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Hello Sunxinye,

Let me first answer the second question:

The AIMMS engine provides many options that tailor its behavior. 
Other packages call such options, settings or preferences.
You can change these options via the AIMMS Menu - Settings - Project options... dialog.
In the lower-left corner of the dialog that appears you can search for a setting.
Just fill in "Warning_duplicate_row" and it will find the setting of that option.
There is also a Help button available that will lead you to information about the option "Warning_duplicate_row".

Now to your first question:

You may want to check a constraint listing for the rows at hand.
See the option "constraint_listing" ;-)

With kind regards,



Dear Chris,

Thank you for your help!I will try my best to find this solutions!


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