Import three-dimensional parameter from Excel

  • 8 October 2020
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Hi community,

I have a three-dimensional parameter I would like to import. I know how to import one- and two-dimensional parameters, but do not know how to do this one. The data is stored in excel (I have attachted a snapshot as illustration of the structure of the data), I can extract (with some formulas in excel) the range (AM3:AO32) from which i would like to import the data. I also know the number of products (6), number of locations (5) and number of time periods (3). 

Can someone help me out with this?


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Hi Thijs,


Looking at the data, I think you can use ReadTable function. You can find an explanation about the three ranges (row-header, column-header, data ) and how to import multi-dimensional data in the article:


Update: could be that your column AK must repeat the values instead of having the blanks you are currently having, not 100% sure


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