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  • 30 November 2020
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Hello everyone, 

Since I’m starting on AIMMS, I have two little questions : 

  • One of my index, called t, goes from 1 to 15. But for one of my constraint, I need that it goes from 1 to 14. How can I express that on AIMMS ? 
  • In order to get the bound after the addition of cutting planes by the solver, my teacher told us that we can limit the number of branch-and-bound nodes to 1 by going to menu solver options. The problem is that cannot find this menu on AIMMS

Could you help me ? 


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You may find this post helpful for your first question:


And you can check all solver settings via menu: Settings → Project Options → Solvers general (or Specific solvers). And you can also search specific option by typing the name in the search box. 


Hope this is helpful!

Thank you very much !


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