Infeasible solution + duplicated columns error


Hello everyone after formulating my model in AIMMS, the solver tells me that my solution is not feasible I tried to simplify my model by removing some binary elements but I still get the same answer. I think the problem must be somewhere in the flow conservation or capacity constraint, could someone take a look at it and tell me the problem.

I also have a duplicate column warning message I think it's from my bad formulation of the problem if someone can also tell me how to fix it thank you very much.

Ps: I saw that these questions were asked regularly but I took the liberty of making a new topic because I would like to have an answer specific to my case and I could not solve my problem by reading the other topic.


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The model that you have attached is not complete. Can you attach a new one?


Hello Farid, 

What do you mean by model is not complete? , Are you talking about the model I wrote on Microsoft word or the one on AIMMS?  Because I sent the complete model just before solving it.

I mean the AIMMS project. Currently, you have only attached a .aimms file. However, when you create an AIMMS project, some folders are created automatically for you that are located in the same directory as your .aimms file. Those folders are important. For example, your AIMMS model is located in a folder called MainProject that must exist in the same directory as your .aimms file. You need to send the MainProject folder as well.



Hi Inoox4! 

Just quickly following up, but were you able to find the answers you were looking for? Do let us know if you need more support or if there is anything we can do to help!



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