Integer Solution to Minimize Daily Cost does not exist


Hi! I’m working on my small project and I’m a beginner in programming and AIMMS. 

I tried to run the model that I have developed but it resulted into “Warning: After zero iterations CPLEX 22.1 concluded that an integer solution to MinimizeDailyCost does not exist.” I attach my model and data.

I’m not sure where to start rectify this problem. Appreciate if anyone can help.


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Hi @Hazirah,

I checked your model, and i have a few comments that may help you to find the infeasibility source. 

  1. Math Inspector ( may be helpfull to find problematic constraints. 
  2. Add a | 0 to inactivate a few non-core constraints to minimize what can be causing problems (ie. capacity constraints).
  3. Take a double look on variables and constraints domains. Inconsistencies can cause solves to fail. 
  4. Make the use of inline variables ( to minimize this type of contraints: 


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Hi @Hazirah. I think that the integer variable NTUarea causes a conflict. There seems to be no feasible solution in which NTUarea can have an integer value. The model enforces NTUarea to take a fractional value but that is not allowed if this variable is declared as ‘integer’.

If you change the range of NTUarea into ‘nonnegative’ then CPLEX is able to find a solution, with fractional values for NTUarea.


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