Is it possible to access the CDM database when using AIMMS Cloud?

  • 29 September 2020
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I would like to access via SQL queries the CDM database while using AIMMS Cloud. 


Is it possible? How can I do it? 


Best answer by MarcelRoelofs 1 October 2020, 11:51

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4 replies

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Hi Gabriela,

If you use CDM in the cloud then I assume you also have an application database with the AIMMS cloud subscription, in which the CDM schema is created and stored. So to access the CDM database, you will need the same mechanism available to access the application database otherwise: either via the tunnel app, or via a VPN. 

That being said, the CDM database is not just a relational database that you can easily query. The CDM database creates a separate table per identifier storing the entire history of that identifier for all branches. Retrieving the latest values on a particular branch uses SQL queries that are not for the faint of heart.

I assume you want to use the information contained in a snapshot of the data associated with a particular revision in the CDM database for use in an external application. For that use case, other ways of data exchange may be more convenient, e.g. what I discussed recently in


Marcel Roelofs

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@MarcelRoelofs, thank you for the quick reply. 


I have some follow up questions. For now, I do not use CDM in the AIMMS Cloud, I am doing an proof of concept project in order to sell the idea to my customers. 


They already have an AIMMS PRO Cloud subscription, however, I do not know about this “application database” subscription that you mentioned. Is there necessary another kind of subscription for them to use CDM on the cloud? 

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Hi @gabiservidone ,


I will reach out to you about the licensing/subscription via e-mail.


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Hi @gabiservidone

Whatever the outcome of hosting the CDM database, the point remains that the CDM database in its current form is not intended to serve as a  way to exchange data with other applications. 

If you want, we can have a separate discussion how to accomplish best what you want to achieve in that area.




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