Is it possible to bind multiple indices to single column using DEX library?

  • 8 August 2023
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Given the example of the data I would like to bind each sales volume to a period and sales channel to fill the following parameters . P_MinVolumeSalesChannel(i_Product,i_DemandTerminal,i_Period,iSalesChannel). P_MaxVolumeSalesChannel(i_Product,i_DemandTerminal,i_Period,iSalesChannel). 


I know that I could use name-binds-to =”i_Period” and the name-regex-prefix, but could I use name-binds-to again for “i_SalesChannel”?


Best answer by Stephan ten Hagen 10 August 2023, 17:54

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Hi, David.

I'm afraid that that's not possible. The reason is that if you could assign multiple name-binds-to to columns that these would point to multiple cells in you Excel sheet, when reading a row.

Suppose you have:
Lets say that i_Product and i_DemandTerminal are excel columns A and B. Then you could make a regex selecting columns C, D and E for i_Period. If you take a value for P_MinVolumeSalesChannel, then the corresponding values for i_Product and i_DemandTerminal can be found horizontally in column A and B. Vertically going up you can find the value for i_Period as the column name, and then we have a complete tuple for the value of the parameter.

Suppose we introduce i_SalesChannel:
If we create a regex selecting columns F, G and H then we could find the corresponding value by going up. However, we cannot find a corresponding value for i_Period because then we should be in column C, D or E.

Since we go up for name-binds-to to use the column name, we can only have one name-binds-to per column.


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