Logging on to AIMMS License Server failed: No logon response from server

  • 8 March 2022
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Hi AIMMS community,

I am having problems to activate my academic license. This error reported by AIMMS:

Logging on to AIMMS License Server failed: No logon response from server

Any ideas on how to solve it?



Best answer by dsalakirova 15 April 2022, 10:57

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4 replies

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Hi Juan, 

You need a web-socket connection in order to be able to connect to the license server. This means that the problem is most probably with your network. 

In some networks there are certain restrictions to the traffic which is the most frequent reason why some students are facing issues. The moment they change the network, for example to a domestic one, everything works as expected.

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Hi dsalakirova, 

Thanks for your answer.

I am connected to the internet through my phone and I am still having the same issues.

Any other ideas?



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Hi Aimms commnunity I just wanted to summarise the steps I followed to solve this issue in case somebody face it again:

  • Install the latest version of AIMMS launcher (as suggested in the installation instructions emai that AIMMS sent)
  • Be aware that sometimes the url that appears by default in the Aimms launcher might not be the url that AImms sent to your e-mail. So you need to copy paste the url received in the e-mail replacing the previous one.
  • I am not sure still if the network administrator had to do somehting in his end to allow my laptop to activate the license. I will let you know once I hear from him.


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Dear Juan, 

Thank you for your patience on this post. Looking at your issue and our database I think what happened is that you have an old license that expired last year and you requested a new one this year, however when you opened the launcher the link for the old (expired) license was there.

We do not have a default link - the only way for a link to appear in the launcher is for a user to put it there manually. Even if you have installed the last Launcher version the (old) data will remain the same so the old link will be there too.

Of course the above is what I think happened. Yet, if you are sure it is not the case, please let us know because if something is wrong with the launcher or the workflow I would like to test it so we can fix it or adjust the instructions accordingly.  


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