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  • 27 May 2019
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How can I empty all sets except 1?
I only want to empty self declared sets.

I tried it with a for loop.
However I have some trouble comparing the name of the set with a string.

Kind regards, Wiet

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Hello Wiet,

The empty statement has the functionality you want when the identifier to be emptied is a subset of AllIdentifiers, see the example below:

Suppose you want to empty the sets s_A, s_B ;

To do this, you first create a subset of AllIdentifiers as follows:

s_setsToBeEmptied {
subsetOf: AllIdentifiers ;

Subsequently in your model execute:

s_SetsToBeEmptied := data { s_A, s_B } ;
Empty s_SetsToBeEmptied ;

The empty statement will now empty the sets s_A and s_B.

When you want to empty the sets in a section or model, you can construct the subset of AllIdentifiers as follows:

s_SetsToBeEmptied := modelName * allSets ;

Here modelName is the name of your model and in code it is a set that contains all identifiers declared below that set. You can use the name of any section in the model tree as an alternative. Allsets is a predeclared subset of AllIdentifiers, and contains the names of all declared sets. The * operator acts as intersection.

With kind regards,

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Thanks, but this doesn't exactly answer my question.
I want to loop over and perform and action on all sets in the set self_declared_sets where...

self_declared_sets:= modelName * allSets ;

And then I want to skip a set if the name of that set matches a string, e.g. "self_declared_sets" or "myBuildings".

In your answer the sets on which an action needs to be performed are specified. I need to specify the sets on which no action needs to be performed.

Maybe I need to create a subset first in which some elements of the original set are excluded.
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Thanks for the clarification.

Indeed, you'll need to create an additional subset. Assuming that self_declared_sets is declared as:

set self_declared_sets {
subsetOf: AllIdentifiers;
index: i_sds ;

You can create a subset thereof as follows

set operated_upon_sets {
SubsetOf: self_Declared_sets ;

And then fill it along the following lines:

operated_upon_sets := { i_sds | not ( formatString("%e", i_sds) = "setNameToBeExcluded" ) }


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