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  • 22 December 2022
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Is there a way to define an input argument via model edting? 

I know I can create a procedure and define the body e.g.:


{    _eProc := me::Create(_spProcName, 'procedure', _eSection);
    me::SetAttribute(_eProc, 'body', _spBody);



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3 replies

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Hi Marc,

If I remember well, I think you can’t do this directly. I thought you can create a run time parameter and then move that node under the created run time procedure as a ‘trick’ to accomplish this effect. Also thought this was in a how-to somewhere. See me::Move() function.


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Hi Marc,


Perhaps Joost is referring to this how-to.


With kind regards,



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Thanks Joost, Chris 

One note by doing so I found that on there is a typo.

I wanted to set a subset but the attribute name is ‘subset of’ with a space. (not SubsetOf)




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