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  • 29 May 2019
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Hello everyone,

Does AIMMS has a feature that allows me to see the inedex, parameters, variables, obj function and the constrains?
I basically want to view the model in a simple way.


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Hi, @ultragazakira .

After solving your math. program, if you don't delete it, AIMMS provides an inspection interface:

Hope it helps.
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Not sure what you like to see; did @mateusarakawa help?

If not, there could be different answers based on your request:
  • Do you want to see the text representative of the model? If so, use right mouse in the model tree on any node and ask for text representation.
  • Do you want to see the actual generated model? If so, set the option ‘constraint listing’ to on.[img][/img]

Hope any of these suggestions by @mateusarakawa or me help you. Please let us know.
Thank you both for the answers! It helped a lot 🙂

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