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  • 20 February 2024
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Dear AIMMS Community,

Does anyone have any tips/documentation/experience for moving parameters and data to a different CDM category? (or, perhaps alternatively, create a new parameter in the correct category and then migrating the data).


As background: for a customer we are using scenario functionality, with each scenario consisting of 3 CDM categories: master data, dynamic data and planning data. Scenarios can share the same version of this data, e.g. 2 scenarios using the same master data but different dynamic & planning data.
Currently the customer doesn't use this option of shared data, because a few parameters within the master data category are actually dynamic. So we want to move these parameters (or perhaps solve it in a different way?)
Does anyone have experience with moving data to a different category? We already have many scenarios that we want to keep, so anything we do should leave those intact (in theory that should be possible, because currently none of the scenarios share data)


Cheers, Stijn


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Hi @stijnd 

In principle, identifiers can move from one category to another. Every time categories are (re-)created via cdm::CreateCategory, the category to identifier mapping is updated.


I would make sure though that at the moment no other clients are connected to the CDM service. 



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