Multi Depot VRP with Intermediate Facilities

  • 25 June 2020
  • 2 replies

Hi teams,

I’m working in multi-depot VRP with Intermediate Facilites and used assumptions as follow:

  1. vehicles will depart and return in same depot
  2. vehicles will only arrive at most one customer
  3. vehicles are heterogenous with two type of capacity

But the model results infeasible integer solution, Could anyone help me to fix the issue..?

And also, I want to make Intermediate Facilities where can receive from depot and distribute to customer. The intermediate Facilities are Location 3,4,5,6. Could anyone help me how to model it..?

Looking forward your kind response..?

2 replies

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Hi @Farhan Surury. Your model is quite large which makes it difficult to analyse it and find the cause of the infeasibility. I would strongly recommend to first build the model using a small instance. It will be much easier to resolve the infeasibility for a small instance.

Hi @Marcel Hunting , thanks for your response


The model works well when using small instance, but the infeasible rise up when using large instance. I’m guessing that the vehicle’s capacity aren’t sufficient to fulfill each demand, could you assist me how to make the vehicle can be multiple visit for each node or the demand can be fulfilled by different vehicles..?


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